Friday, 12 September 2014

Favorite YouTube Channels: Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Edition

Claire Marshall (here)
Claire's editing is probably one of the best I've ever seen on any YouTube channel. Her channel features beauty, fashion and personal style videos, which aren't excessively long and unnecessarily chatty (I'm generally not capable of watching a 20 minute haul, so length has a big influence on whether I like a video or not!) and entertaining vlogs. Her videos are original and have a really fun and laid-back atmosphere. And then there's also her cat Bruce, who will brighten up the day of any animal lover!
Favorite videos: Claire's Black Boot Collection, Monday Minute - Caturday with Bruce, Favorite Mac Lipsticks

Hello October (here)
Not just one of my favorite YouTube channels, but also a blog (find here), I enjoy watching her makeup tutorials and beauty reviews as well as fashion videos, since her simple yet chic style is always inspiring for me. Her vlogs are super entertaining, especially now with her new puppy (can you tell that I like animals ... a lot?).
Favorite videos: Brow Routine, Get Ready With Me: New Years Eve Party Edition, Everyday Hairstyles   

Soothing Sista (here)
Stephanie's cool, laid-back personality, amazing personal style and voice easily make her one of my favorite channel for beauty and fashion hauls as well as vlogs. Since my wardrobe is quite minimal and simple, this channel always gives me inspiration on how to combine prints and statement pieces in an amazing way. Easily the queen of the bold lip on YouTube in my opinion ;)
Favorite videos: My Eyeliner Routine,  My Eyebrow Routine, 
2013 Favorites

Lily Pebbles (here)
Lily's videos are full of great beauty and skincare reviews, advice and recommendations. She uses such a wide range of products, both drugstore and luxury. I love her weekly vlogs and beauty chats with Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup
Favorite videos: Day to Night in 6 StepsBeauty Dupes and Drugstore Alternatives City Break Packing Tips

Probably the least known from this list but no less creative and inspiring is The LineUp, Maya & Julia from Stockholm. They make videos mostly about fashion, styling and lifestyle, which are extremely well edited and feature great music as well. 
Favorite Videos: Winter Lookbook 2014Back to Basics: The Basic White T-Shirt, What's In My Bag?

What are your favorite YouTube channels? Do you prefer reading blogs over watching videos?


  1. I'v not heard of Soothing Sista or The Line Up so I'll have to check them out :) I love Essie Button's Vlogs & Frannerd.

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

    1. Thank you for your comment and your suggestions as well! :)