Thursday, 4 September 2014

My favorite perfumes

When it comes to perfumes, I'm probably the least adventurous person ever. I like to stick to my favorite ones. Sometimes, I'll venture out and try something new, but always come back to these two:

DKNY Women Original Eau de Toilette
I've loved this scent from my childhood already because it was the one that my mom used. It is incredibly light and fresh and smells fruity, which makes it ideal for spring and summer, but I would say it is wearable all year long.
I've also had DKNY's Be Delicious perfume, which is similar, but seemed even more fruity and juicy to me than the Original one, which I prefer. The Be Delicous range also came with a body lotion, which I definitely found far too fragrant.

Dolce & Gabbana 3 - L'Impératrice
A little less light than the DKNY, but still sweet with a floral scent. Compared to DKNY, it feels more sophisticated but still not too strong for everyday wear.

If I was to try something new, I would go for J'adore from Dior. I received a tester a while ago and I really liked it and used it up in a snap of a finger. Probably because it was quite similar to D&G's L'Impératrice - light, fresh and with a more floral scent. Moreover, not long ago, DKNY launched MYNY , which has been getting positive reviews. Oh and the packaging is beautiful (am I the only one who can be persuaded to buy a product solely based on its packaging?!).

What are your favorite perfumes? Do you prefer lighter, fresher, ones or heavier ones?

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